Data processing

With a thorough training and extensive experience in art working, the artwork professionals at Karagiannis S.A. can efficiently work with the latest design and DTP software and ensure that a project meets all the guidelines/specifications provided by the client.

Shrink sleeve & 3D Video preview

The company supports shrink sleeve labels and provides an innovative 3D video service to display the complete picture of the packaging after the application of the shrink sleeve label. The customer can have an image of the result on the computer screen.

Color Management

To achieve your desired color result, we carry out color corrections, which take into account the profile of your printers and the printing processes. Accurate color conversion from one color space into another and reliable simulation of print results are key for the graphic arts industry.

Cylinder layout

According to the customer’s requirements and needs, we proceed with the cylinder layout. In this stage we are also able to determine the color sequence based on the nature of the design, so we can have the best printing results.

Creating proofs

We produce color-accurate proofs of consistent quality and predict accurate print results working with color profiles. Profiles ensure more precise color control. Color accuracy is measured and reliably documented. We provide accurate simulation of the overprinting effects of spot colors, using special multicolor profiles.

Individual steps in our digital reproduction service

Verification of the data received

Images, resolution, fonts, separations, checking all necessary information available.

Re-use of engraved cylinders

In designs where same information appears in more than one artwork, then it is our primarily job to make prepare the files ready for engraving and minimize the number of cylinders that will be used for printing. For example, if an image appears in similar a similar design, then we can ensure that we can keep common cylinders to reduce your cost.