We pride ourselves for being
A success story for
over 45 years!
A family-based company.

Gravure Cylinders Karagiannis S.A. was founded by Andreas Karagiannis in 1969 and can look back on a significant success story.

Karagiannis S.A. started off small in size with the horizon to grow over the years, by specializing in chemical engraving of rotogravure cylinders. Over the years, the company managed to pursue a clear as well as consistent strategic growth.

Profound knowledge and experience combined with the latest technology.

In 1998, a large investment was made in acquiring the latest machinery for electromechanical engraving.

The company is considered one of the best in Greece and functions under an ISO protocol.


The beginning of a successful story...


The chemical way of engraving in rotogravure cylinders.


Changing from chemical engraving to electromechanical engraving with the first large investment taking place.

Karagiannis S.A.

Continues to grow and invest in technology and specialized stuff, with a leading role in the Greek market and abroad. Company's latest investments: move to new and bigger facilities and purchase of new machinery.