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Waste Water

Water is the foundation of life and that's why it should be used responsibly and not wasted. Our entire production is designed to use the least amount of water possible. The treatment of all industrial wastewater we produce at the company is a key aspect of this, because it allows us to reuse the water in the production process. By treating the water, we significantly reduce the amount of fresh water we consume. The respectful use of resources is particularly important to us. This is why we reflect at regular intervals on where we can take a further step to conserve resources of all kinds at various stages in our production chain.

Re-usable cylinders

Ink savings through new technology “Up to 50 percent less ink consumption in rotogravure The use of Cellaxy-engraved gravure cylinders allows a significant amount of ink to be saved in the printing process! In fact, between 20 and 50 percent can be saved depending on the application: consumption is reduced by 20 percent for white surface applications, 30 percent for chromatic colors, and up to 50 percent for matte coating applications and light foundations – and all this with a higher print quality!

The cylinders provide for better smoothness and faster drying composite materials thanks to less ink being applied. What is more, the laser technology used does away with the sawtooth effect and even very fine characters can be represented. Increased print quality, fewer chemicals to dispose of, shorter lead times and the reduced consumption of energy and resources coupled with consistent printing processes make sure that both you and the environment win!”

H2O system - Through VACUDEST

wastewater evaporator we are able to reuse water in the production process therefore treat our waste water sustainably thus protecting our environment. It has an energising efficiency of 95%.

Latest News

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