Our challenge is our progress

To create the next global innovation in the packaging industry through continuous research and development combined with our in-house technical expertise and experience.

We aim to continuously develop ourselves and invest in new technology to boost our clients΄growth. Following the market trends, we want to deliver innovative solutions for our clients and meet their highest requirements.

New challenges.

To efficiently phase tomorrow’s challenges and needs through innovative, affordable, and sustainable solutions that meet our customers΄ needs and wishes.

Karagiannis C
Our Values
Our core values are our guide that follows all our relationships.

We are aware that our success, our reputation, and our excellent communication with our clients are a result of the implementation of our core values.

Integrity: we remain transparent at all levels and across all sectors of our company

Loyalty: we focus on building life-long customer relationships

Reliability: we wish to become your trusted partner. A partner you can rely on.

Agility: we successfully adapt to the unexpected.

Creativity: we are passionate about making a measurable impact in all we do. Creativity is our ally.

Growth: we pursue our business growth and our customers΄ development Innovation: the key to our success

Commitment: we are committed to search new efficient ways to deliver high-quality services

Care: we care for the existence of the industry that we are part of and therefore we take actions to protect both the environment and our employees.

Karagiannis Production